January 16, 2016

I guess it was wishful thinking when I promised to blog regularly. Its funny because this promise was broken, but has now been fulfilled two years later-- two long freaking years. I wish I had a better comeback than Justin Bieber or Adele, but sadly, (i hate to break it to you) I'm poor(true) and can't sing.(........also true) 

As i devour this pack of marshmallows while writing this blog post, i'd like to tell you whats been going on. I've been listening to rlly rad music lately. You can listen to my Spotify playlists to see what i've been listening to and cool stuff like that. I got new clothes and noticed a slight change in my style compared to my style two years ago lmao, Lastly, I've officially became a crazy cat lady. Why you ask? because my initial thought when i wake up every morning would be MY CATS, MY VIRTUAL CATS (neko atsume is capitalist propaganda, they will rob you and make a profit out of your earnings. Do not be fooled by cute cats and cute cat toys )

On to more important matter, here are outfit shots featuring one of the million turtleneck tops i own. Also, happy new year, ballsacks!! Enjoy wooooooo

SM Accessories hat, Gingersnaps (lol) bambi necklace, Forever 21 turtleneck top, Forever 21 shorts, Charles and Keith bag, H&M socks, Zalora shoes

xx mielle

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