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January 30, 2016

 The latest addition(more like addiction) to my closet--faux fur coats! Okay listen 1) it has to be fake because it has to be cruelty free and 2) i am well aware that its not ideal to own fur coats considering the fact that i live in a tropical country where its honestly a hundred degrees outside, but who cares am i right. The thing is, i've always wanted to own a fur coat, and now that i have it, i cant seem to put it down! My aesthetic is finally complete. You'll be catching me on your favorite local tumblr blog rocking faux fur bad boys.

In this outfit, although i am wearing a coat, i made sure to incorporate pieces that were appropriate with the weather; a laser cut-out top and a skirt. I did this so that when i get too hot, i could always take the coat off. I love the combination of textures in this outfit and overall, it honestly screams NYFW (i just had to bring that up lol)

SM Accessories hat, H&M faux fur coat, GTW top, Zara skirt, Charles and Keith bag, Topshop shoes 

xx mielle

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