March 28, 2017

Endings excite me.

There's something so innocent and safe about endings. It keeps people on edge; it keeps the anticipation burning. There's something about endings that make me so sentimental to the point where I just want to hit pause, as if my life were a movie, and gather my composure. Although endings keep me very reminiscent, it also manages to make me feel extremely homesick. The faintest scent, the hues of the sky, or even a certain melody has the power to pour all the memories back into the deep crevasses of my feelings and emotions.

 The end of 2016 opened a new door for me to rectify my commitments with this blog. When the new year rolled by, I couldn't help but remember the vast happiness this blog made me feel. The emotional attachment I have with this blog is way beyond my words to explain, so I made a promise to myself to invest more time into running this blog just like the old days. But this time, I'd like to combine the two things that are so dear to my heart into this blog: fashion and writing. 

Just like that, an ending created a new beginning. Just like that, I knew I had to pick my camera up again, shoot, write, and blog.

Inspiration is free; take it and pass it around.
Welcome back to my blog.

H&M turtleneck, Zalora culottes, Adidas Stan Smith, Sunnies Studios sunglasses, SM Accessories hat

xx, mielle

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