Girl Boss

May 31, 2017

I've been wearing lots of colors lately, which is strange since I often find myself wearing blacks, whites, and neutrals. I guess these not-so-depressing outfits are a reflection of my mood because I've been feeling really productive and creative these past few days. I also find it super helpful to listen to a good playlist to help me focus whenever I'm feeling particularly creative. I spend my days either looking up inspiration online or coming up with a new, fresh idea to put on this blog, there is no in between. I'm trying to make the most out of my summer vacation, because I feel like I'm not going to forgive myself if I spend the entirety of my break binge watching a TV series all day.

This is my take on the Girl Boss look. There's something about khaki trousers that make a whole look put together. And I'd like to quickly put it out there that yes I occasionally raid my mom's closet, and yes, those trousers(...and mustard top) belong to her. Although I could've thrown a blazer on to complete the executive vibe on the look, I opted not to because man, let me tell you that the Philippines (especially during the summertime) is not a particularly good place to layer your clothing.
What you wear and how you bring yourself adds so much flavor if you want to look like a badass girl boss. I'm all about women empowerment, and I believe that self-expression through the clothes you wear really does help with self-confidence. As for myself, I'd like to break the societal stigma that women cannot lead or become equally as successful as men, with every empowering and inspiring blog post at a time.

Although I possess the gentle quality of my mother, I believe I also have a sort of "boss" attitude that I got from my dad. Like him, I like to get things done as orderly as possible, and if I'm in a tight situation, its never a bad idea to improvise. Since Father's Day is right around the corner, Bonobos actually inspired me to create a look that best represents my dad, hence the birth of the whole girl boss look. 

If you're on the look out for a gift for your dad, go check out their men's pants and bottoms Summer collection— these, in my opinion, are definitely staples for any season.
Photographer: Shara Mayol

 H&M mustard top, Mom's khaki pants, Zalora heels. Sunnies Studios sunglasses

Before I end this blog post, here's the playlist I was talking about earlier that helps me focus when I'm on my creative moods.

xx, mielle

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