May 24, 2017

The ultimate vegetarian evolution: blending in with the plants.

Was it a particularly wise decision to wear shades of green and pose in front of plants? Maybe, maybe not. But at least I got to blend in with the pretty display of greenery behind me.

I think this has got to be the laziest outfit I have ever worn. By "laziest" I meant that this was the quickest (and let me also throw in 'comfiest') outfit I have ever put together, since this literally just consists of a dress and a comfy coat.  I channeled my inner "trendy grandma" for this. I really don't know why I think that this looks like something my grandma would wear (minus the heels probably). The velvet coat is a great touch to this outfit, and if it ever gets warm during the day, you could always take the coat off and still look as cute! But if you're like me, who disregards the warm weather for the sake of fashion, then be my guest.

SM GTW army green dress, H&M velvet coat and faux snake skin boots, Sunnies Studios sunglasses

xx, mielle

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