Summertime Sadness

May 10, 2017

I'm convinced that the days are in a hurry. 

January felt like it was just yesterday, and now we're already at the middle of the year! Before we know it, its already Christmas! Well okay, I may or may not be getting way ahead of myself here. 

But genuine question though, where in the world did the summer go? I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but there is only a month left before school starts again. (dun dun dunnnnn) Talk about a one-sentenced horror story! But apart from it being dreadful and scary, that is honestly just the saddest thing to suddenly remember in the middle of enjoying your vacation. I guess you could say we're all feeling some type of summertime sadness now that the new school year is lightly tapping us on all of our shoulders. But don't fret, my dear reader, because if you want my advice, all I can give you is: Carpe the heck out of this diem.

The aesthetic of this blog post is highly inspired by the song "Idle Town" by Conan Gray. The song is about the town he lives in, the memories he's made in it, and how he's going to be homesick since he's leaving in a few months to go to college. (um i'm obviously not obsessed AT ALL)

But anyways, the song speaks to me since the upcoming school year is a total paradox: its an ending, but a beginning at the same time. As much as I despise waking up early for school and doing tons of homework, (and I can't believe I'm saying this but-) I'm going to miss all the stress, success, accomplishments, and failures crammed into two agonizing years of senior high school. 

The days are in a hurry, and before I know it, I'd be in my 20's, coffee in hand, on my way to work.

Growing up is scary.

New Look top, Forever 21 skirt, hat, and boots, H&M cardigan, choker, and socks, Sunnies round sun glasses

xx, mielle

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