Parisian Rose

June 07, 2017

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge sucker for French aesthetics- I just can't get enough of it! I am and always will be fascinated by Parisian-inspired looks. I know I could've worn the classic black and white top + beret combo, but that's honestly too common and predictable for my taste.

Every time I pick an outfit for the day, I always gravitate towards long sleeve tops and skirts- its my go-to look. I always end up looking like Wes Anderson and Alexa Chung's love child threw up all over me. But who am I kidding, sometimes I think that I'm way too obsessed with Wes Anderson films for my own good, and getting ready to go out always consists of questions I ask myself like "What would Alexa Chung wear?"
On another note, my closet at the moment houses mostly rose colored pieces. I've been really into that color lately ever since my unhealthy obsession with Martine Cajucom's Instagram feed grew over the summer. Best believe that I also have a turtleneck version of the top I'm wearing on this post. Oh am I too much? Just a tiny bit, I guess. But when is something considered too much, though? I mean, if you have one too many clothing pieces of the same shade in your closet, you could always go monochrome. You can never go wrong with monochrome.

Photographer: Louis Gambong

Bershka long sleeve top, Zara skirt, Zalora oxfords

Because I'm always dreaming about Paris, I made a playlist dedicated to it.

xx, mielle

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