About the blog
"This is Mielle" was created way back in the summer of 2012 by Enbielle Luna. This blog became an outlet for sharing her own personal style to the internet. 

She went on a two year long hiatus from 2014 to the second half of 2016. She managed to relaunch her blog last March 2017, with a new layout and a better mindset. 

Throughout the blog, she documents not only her style, but also makes it a personal diary where she can throw in bits and pieces of her poetic side.

About the blogger
Enbielle Luna is a seventeen year old writer and fashion enthusiast from Cebu, Philippines. 

She goes by the nickname "Mielle," which is a combination between the french word miel which means "honey," and the last few letters of her name. 

Her style is highly influenced by French aesthetics, and Alexa Chung. She often finds herself engrossed with the 60s and early 70s era when the hippie movement was at its peak. 

As of now, Mielle is a Humanities and Social Sciences student at Cebu Doctor's University.


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